「Are you happy?」

「If your answer is ‘Yes’, there is nothing to worry about for your future. You will feel the same in 30 years. If you are worried about your future, you will feel the same in 30 years」

This is what I learned from a teacher in Fiji when I was 21.
(Fiji is one of the World’s happiest countries)

These days, I had so many things I wanted to achieve for my future. That made me think I had to start something, I had to find a way to achieve it.

I realized that I was just seeing my happy future and I wasn’t happy at the present moment.

So, I stopped looking for it.

Instead, I focus on something in front of me.
(enjoying conversations with people around me, doing yoga, or enjoying an evening with wine and cheese!)

I feel happier than before and that gives me confidence.
I know I will be okay because I learned to be happy in the present moment.

So, please ask this simple question to your friends and family. If the answer is Yes, you can tell them they will be okay from now on.








周りの人にも「Are you happy?」って聞いてみて。もしYesって答えが来たら、この先もずっと大丈夫だよって教えてあげてね!


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